We are WeDo: healthy products created by doctors.

The science behind supplements

When developing products, our medical department focuses on clinical efficacy and safety studies that ensure balanced composition and safe action.
Wedo products are as free as possible from unnecessary additives and colouring agents. We strive to offer complete care without further complications.
Wedo combines the precision of science with the power of nature to create products that bring health, balance and energy.

Medical team

Updated and new packaging

Wedo chose new packaging to follow modern requirements in terms of environmental friendliness, recycling and product storage. The materials we use have an attitude not only to design and sustainability, but also to the optimal storage of active ingredients.

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Updated online shop

At Wedo, we strive to offer our customers products that contain science-based ingredients and have proven clinical efficacy. To make everyone’s choice easy, informed and convenient, we chose a new website structure that allows for easy navigation, quick selection and easy purchase. You can also visit our blog for more in-depth information on a variety of healthy topics.

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The team behind the products

At Wedo, the medical team consists of doctors and pharmacists who are dedicated to creating effective and balanced products with proven efficacy. Our colleagues carefully research all potential active ingredients and develop formulas that are simple, clean and effective.

Maria Ivanova


I graduated medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. I believe that in spite of the hectic everyday life, one can lead a healthy lifestyle. Evidence-based medicine is of interest to me. It is inspiring for me to gain new knowledge, and reviewing studies and meta-analyses every day, when creating products, is a great help in continuously increasing expertise to bring the best benefit for people.

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Tsvetelina Sandova

Master Pharmacist

She has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the Medical University of Sofia. With a great passion in one form or another for medicines, plant extracts and pharmaceutical products. In her work, she is most inspired by the opportunity to be involved in every stage of a product’s development – from selecting high quality extracts to establishing manufacturing technology, and maintaining high quality throughout the product’s shelf life.

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Sara Tuncheva


Graduated in medicine at the Medical University of Sofia. With an interest in evidence-based medicine, which she still applies today in the course of her work in the development of new products. An interesting part of her work is the daily review of clinical trials, meta-analyses, systematic reviews and laboratory studies. Her inspiration is how the process on creating a product can have a huge positive effect on people with certain complaints/diseases.

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We used to be called Healthy Life

We are Wedo: healthy products created by doctors.
At Wedo, we believe in taking an informed approach to health.

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