What don’t we know about viruses and how to be protected? 


Protects against viruses
Boosts immunity



Protects against viruses
Boosts immunity
Stamatin has an antiviral effect, protects against the development of infections and strengthens immunity.


With the onset of cold months, it is important to support our body and establish basic healthy habits in order to successfully pass the virus season. There are many ways to support your immune system, and one of them is with a natural supplement with proven effectiveness. 

“Beware, because there’s a virus right now,” you’ve heard that warning, haven’t you? Viruses do have seasonality, and at certain times of the year the risk of infections increases. 
However, the truth is that around us there is a “virus” all year round. Thousands of viruses are known, and even they represent a tiny fraction of the real number of all the disease-causing pathogens in the world. Since our contact with them is year-round, the immune system needs to work without rest. 
Viruses – what exactly are they? 

Viruses are infectious particles that need a host to multiply and spread. Unlike bacteria, which are small unicellular, viruses are not living organisms. They have only a DNA or RNA genome protected by a protein shell. Some types of viruses also have a membrane. 

To multiply, viruses take over the cell of the infected organism and use it to reproduce viral structures. Both humans and animals, and plants can become infected with viruses, which causes various diseases. 

How many types of viruses are there? 

Science to date recognizes tens of thousands of different viruses, but the true number of existing viruses is staggeringly large – 10 to the 31st power, which is even more than the number of stars in the universe! 

Therefore, it is practically impossible to isolate and protect ourselves from absolutely any contact with viruses. We can limit the risk of infection, but it is no less important in the fight against viruses to take care of our general health and keep our immune system in condition. 
About winter and summer virus infections 

In the autumn and winter months, every year there is a peak of infections with viruses that cause inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. “Culprits” for this type of illness can be rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, parainfluenza viruses and others. 

There is a boom in infections in autumn and winter on the one hand due to the change in climatic conditions, on the other hand due to the accumulation of large groups of people in confined spaces. In autumn, students return to classrooms, and younger children gather again in gardens, then the winter cold causes people to continue to gather mainly indoors. This enables pathogens to easily transfer from person to person and infect many people in a short time. 
The summer months are a good time for enteroviruses. Infection with them is specific in that it often occurs with stomach upset. General weakness, sore throat and headache are also common symptoms of infection with so-called stomach viruses. 

And as we mentioned at the beginning, in addition to “winter” and “summer” viruses, there are also those with which we come into contact all year round. 

What are the most common viral infections? 
Undoubtedly, these are acute respiratory (respiratory) and infections, and in this category fall also flu sickness. Every year, about half of the world’s population suffers from this type of viral infection, and in many cases the disease subsides in a few days. When the human body is healthy and the immune system functions well, rest, sleep and the intake of sufficient fluids are a prerequisite to successfully heal ourselves. 
“Drugs” in such cases in fact do not cure, but relieve symptoms – cough, fever, muscle pain, runny nose, chills. Unlike bacteria, viruses are not amenable to antibiotic treatment. Therefore, it is important to keep our body in good health and optimal condition so that it can cope with the most common seasonal viral infections on its own. Mentioning treatment with antibiotics, it is very important not to resort to it without having been previously assigned and carried out research. Many of the symptoms of viral and bacterial infections are similar, so without a laboratory test it is impossible to determine with certainty what is the causative agent of our malaise. If it is of a viral nature, the intake of antibiotics in most cases is not justified, and in some viral infections it is even possible to complicate the patient’s condition. The inclusion of an antibiotic may be necessary to trigger a concomitant bacterial infection – but again, treatment should be prescribed by a doctor and after examination. 
How to avoid complications after a viral infection? 
First of all, give your own body the opportunity to effectively fight the “intruder”. Do not put yourself under physical or mental strain. It is very important to ensure complete peace of mind at the onset of the first symptoms of the disease. Contrary to the understanding of our grandmothers that when we get sick we need “strong food”, in case of viral infection we should not eat by force. Lack of appetite is a signal that the body gives us not to load it to mobilize all its forces to fight the virus. Light soups, broths and teas are preferable, especially in the first two or three days, when symptoms are usually most pronounced. 

If after that cough, fever, headache and other symptoms still do not improve, be sure to see a doctor. 
Patients with chronic diseases, lying ill and elderly people should consult a doctor as soon as symptoms appear. The same applies to infants and young children, in whom the viral infection occurs to develop extremely quickly, including with a sharp rise in fever. In babies, the runny nose is more dangerous than in children and adults. 
Strengthening the immune defense against viral infections 
Age, as well as a number of diseases, can compromise the immune defense and make the human body more susceptible to infections and possible complications. Among the other factors of impaired immunity are: 

• Nutrient-poor diet; 

• Lack of adequate sleep; 

• Lack of sufficient physical activity; 

• Chronically high stress levels. 
Therefore, it is worth each of us to be careful about our lifestyle and eating habits if we are looking for maximum resistance to viral infections. Balanced nutrition, sports, outdoor walks and relaxation practices suitable for us are a sure way to support the natural protective functions of our body against diseases. In today’s hectic lifestyle, we may also need to support our body further through a suitable dietary supplement. At the onset of the autumn-winter season and the increased risk of viral infections, you can trust Stamatin – a natural dietary supplement that acts both to further strengthen the healthy body and in case of infection. 

What Stamatin contains and how it helps us fight viruses? 
Stamatin combines the action of  Vitamin C and Zink with proven effective herbal extracts that work on viral or bacterial infections. 

The combination of Vitamin C and zinc has an antioxidant and strengthening effect on the body. The active ingredient Radix Isatidis – root of the Chinese herb Isatis Tinctorial blocks the development of viruses and promotes faster recovery. Stamatin also contains the herb African geranium, which has a beneficial effect on bacterial infections and facilitates expectoration, including colds or acute bronchitis.    

With the onset of the cold months, be awake to your health. Move, spend time in nature, eat as clean and nutrient-rich food as possible. Adhere to the well-known maxim that prevention is the best treatment! This can significantly reduce the incidence of illness due to viral infections. 

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