The 5 most common causes of lower back pain

Tsvetelina Sandova


For the health of the peripheral nervous system



For the health of the peripheral nervous system
Fenaxon contains an optimal combination of active ingredients that act on the source of the problem in acute and chronic conditions of the peripheral nervous system. It has an active therapeutic, restorative and prophylactic effect.


Do you often perform repetitive movements of the same type? The pain from a muscle strain comes on suddenly or over time.

Tsvetelina Sandova
Master Pharmacist

1. Overstretching of a muscle or ligament during exercise

Do you often perform repetitive movements of the same type? The pain from a muscle strain comes on suddenly or over time. Most often, muscle strain occurs when too much stress is applied to the muscles, which can sometimes lead to their tearing. Sprains occur by the same mechanism. In sprains, the ligaments – the structures that connect individual bones or joints – are stretched. Whether it’s a muscle or ligament, overstretching is accompanied by characteristic pain. This type of sprain occurs most often when lifting heavy objects, sudden movements, sports injuries (especially strength sports) and others.

2. Improper posture

How often do you hear “Straighten your back!”? Improper posture when standing or sitting is a very common cause of lower back pain. The human spine stands upright for an average of 16 hours a day and “resists” the earth’s gravity, and an important factor is immobility in the age of cars and computers. “Correct posture” refers to the ideal body position such as a straight back, a puffed out chest, a straight neck positioned above the torso and shoulders that are in line with the ears. Regular and prolonged violation of the “correct posture” can cause stress on the bones and lead to anatomical changes and distortions of the spine. Distortions of the spine, in turn, can be the cause of pinched nerves, and hence – also for the appearance of pain in the lower back. We must not forget that incorrect posture during sleep also plays a role in the occurrence of lower back pain. This is the time to mention that investing in a quality mattress and a suitable pillow is a good way to prevent lower back pain.

3. Disc herniation

Disc herniation (also called discopathy) is damage to one or more intervertebral discs. It occurs when the soft “cushion” (called a disc) situated between the vertebrae and acts as a shock absorber for shocks and concussions tears. If the inner jelly-like substance “leaks” out, it enters the canal of the spinal cord and comes into contact with one of the passing nerves, resulting in the sensation of severe pain. Additionally, this part contains proteins that cause inflammation upon contact with nerves. This results in a sharp and sudden pain in the lower back that sometimes spreads to other areas such as up the neck or down the legs.

Over time and the aging process, intervertebral discs gradually lose their hydration and wear out. This reduces their resistance to tension and pressure and increases the risk of disc herniation.
The occurrence of low back pain from a herniated disc is more common in people with occupations that require a lot of physical exertion.

4. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease in which there is slow deformation and damage to the cartilage of joints in the body. This is why osteoarthritis is sometimes called “wear and tear arthritis.” If the spine is affected, there may be sharp or dull pain and inflammation that can occur at one or more levels of the spine. Sometimes the cause of the pain can be the formation of spines (growth of bone tissue) that press on a spinal nerve.

5. Chills with a cold or flu

Cymatic installations are an achievement of mankind. But every thing from technological progress brings its own risks. Direct exposure to cold air flow – air conditioning or standing in a draft – can lead to stiffness and pain in the back, lower back or neck. Experts recommend that the difference in temperature outside and inside the room (or in the car) should not be more than 10 degrees.

How to deal with them

There are also rarer causes and risk factors such as obesity, smoking, stress, and certain chronic diseases that can lead to low back pain or other peripheral nervous system problems. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs contributes to the immediate management of discomfort, but with excessive use they can bring with them side effects. Since low back pain is almost always associated with inflammation and nerve involvement of the peripheral nervous system, it is especially important to take products containing active ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation and help repair peripheral nerves. An example of such a specialized preparation is Fenaxon.

Fenaxon helps relieve low back pain along with symptoms of numbness and stiffness. Its composition includes proven active ingredients in high concentration – uridine monophosphate, curcumin, acetyl-L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamin D, reinforced with 6 vitamins from group B, which contribute to the recovery of nerves and reduce inflammation. Extremely suitable for the first manifestation of pain and stiffness in the lower back, as well as as a preventive measure against exacerbation of chronic diseases of the peripheral nervous system, accompanied by pain in the back and lower back.

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Myths and truths about back pain

Back pain is an extremely common phenomenon in the life of a modern person. According to the World Health Organization, over 60% of the population in developed countries have suffered at least once in their lifetime from back pain, with some even describing it as unbearable.

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