How to support our immunity during the changing seasons?


Protects against viruses
Boosts immunity



Protects against viruses
Boosts immunity
Stamatin has an antiviral effect, protects against the development of infections and strengthens immunity.


How to support our immunity during the changing seasons? 

The often tedious and drastic change from summer-to-autumn and autumn-to-winter can be challenging on our bodies and overall wellbeing. Due to changes in climate and temperature, various viruses and bacteria are often activated and brought out from their slumber. The good news is that you can easily take care of yourself and improve your well-being while navigating this risky period! In this article, we list a few of the things you can do to support your overall health and immune system. These include, and are not limited to, natural remedies, eating healthy, exercise and more.  

Eating Healthy  

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a robust immune system is consuming a diverse and healthy diet. In addition to protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables also aid the immune system, which inevitably strengthens resistance to pathogens and helps keep you healthy. The micronutrients they provide ensure that you don’t miss key nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin A, which your immune system needs to combat invading microbes. The fibres from fruits and vegetables can help your gut microbiome produce important compounds for a healthy immune system. [1] 

Natural Remedies to Support Immunity 

To support immunity and combat common colds and the flu, natural remedies from traditional Chinese and African medicine can be beneficial. 

Isatis Tinctoria L. root extract, known as Radix Isatidis, is renowned for its antiviral, antibacterial, and immunostimulatory properties. One of its most fascinating characteristics is its ability to block viruses. It prevents them from binding to human cell receptor sites and entering the cells. [2,3] Even if infection occurs, the active components of Radix Isatidis block the genetic material of the virus, preventing it from replicating. [4] Furthermore, this herb possesses immunostimulatory properties, stimulating cellular immunity and antibody production. [5] 

African Geranium (Pelargonium sidoides), originating from Africa, is an herb used for centuries to boost immunity and treat upper and lower respiratory tract inflammations. Today, the root of the African Geranium is used to treat symptoms of upper respiratory infections. It prevents bronchitis development and can be effective in treating various bacterial and viral infections. African Geranium also demonstrates immunostimulatory effects, naturally enhancing the body’s defences against viruses and bacteria. [6,7] 

The combination of these two plants can be found in Stamatin. The completely natural formula is further enhanced with optimal doses of zinc and vitamin C for maximum protection of the body and immune system reinforcement.  

Stamatin can be used both when experiencing acute viral symptoms and for prevention to improve overall resilience to pathogens and enhance physical well-being. It is highly effective when taken at the first signs of a viral infection. Its comprehensive formula helps the body restore its natural defence mechanisms, even during the stressful conditions often encountered in our daily lives. 

A Healthy Lifestyle 

Following general guidelines for good health is the best step you can take to naturally support your immune system to function properly. Every part of your body, including your immune system, works better when it’s shielded from foreign organisms and supported by healthy lifestyle strategies like these: 

Exercise Regularly 

Regular physical activity is fundamental to a healthy life. Regular physical activity, including stretching, can help your wellbeing by: 

  • improving cardiovascular health 
  • lowering blood pressure 
  • controlling body weight 
  • protecting against various diseases 

Exercise with moderate intensity can stimulate cellular immunity by increasing the circulation of immune cells in your body. This helps your body better prepare for future infections by detecting them earlier. [8] 

Sufficient Sleep 

Sleep is an essential period of rest for the body, and studies show that it plays a crucial role in both natural and acquired immunity. During nighttime sleep, certain components of the immune system are strengthened. For example, there is an increased production of cytokines linked to inflammation. This activity is governed by both sleep and the circadian rhythm (the body’s 24-hour internal clock). When someone is sick, this inflammatory response can aid recovery by enhancing natural and acquired immunity. [9] 

Reduce Stress 

Stress, whether psychological or physical, directly weakens your immune system, increasing the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Moreover, a compromised immune system can allow lurking/dormant viruses within you to activate. For instance, the herpes zoster, a painful rash caused by the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, often occurs when people are under chronic stress. Stress can reduce the number of natural killer cells (known as lymphocytes) in your body,, which are essential for fighting viruses. Stress can also prompt the immune system to launch an inflammatory response, which can be temporarily useful for fighting microbes. However, if the inflammation is chronic, it can contribute to long-term health conditions, including the buildup of plaque in arterial walls. Chronic stress can lead to higher-than-normal levels of the hormone cortisol, which can hinder the body’s anti-inflammatory response and cause recurrent infections, according to recent immunological studies. [10] 

Quit Harmful Habits 

Alcohol disrupts immune pathways, which can impair the body’s ability to defend against infections, contribute to organ damage associated with alcohol consumption, and impede tissue repair after injury. 

Smoking, on the other hand, triggers pathogenic (disease-causing) immune responses and/or weakens immune defence. [1] 

Maintain a Normal Body Weight 

Maintaining a healthy body weight can support your immune system. An individual who is obese but eats healthily and exercises is still at risk of decreased immune function. Some studies have shown that obesity alone impairs immunity. Some of these specific findings include: 

  • Reduced cytokine production 
  • Altered function of monocytes and lymphocytes 
  • Dysfunction of natural killer cells 
  • Lower macrophage and dendritic cell function 
  • Reduced antigen/mitogen stimulation response 

These processes are associated with immune system dysfunction caused by obesity, leading to an increased risk of developing various infections and health complications. It’s crucial to maintain a normal weight. [11] 

Practice Good Personal Hygiene 

Good hygiene is of vital importance as it helps prevent infection and the spread of germs and infectious diseases to you and your children. Many germs that cause illness can be spread by touching other people, handling contaminated food, or coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.  

Personal hygiene includes: 

  • Cleaning your body daily 
  • Washing your hands with soap after using the toilet 
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day 
  • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue (or your elbow) when you cough or sneeze 
  • Washing your hands after handling pets and other animals [12] 

These transitional seasons are often associated with colds, the flu, or other illnesses. Everyone strives to strengthen their immune system to navigate these illnesses as smoothly as possible. Stamatin is an excellent, completely natural, addition to a balanced lifestyle where self-care has become a daily habit. This way, you can support your immune system to enhance protection against bacteria and viruses and stay healthy through the transitional seasons. 

Author: D-r Maria Ivanova


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