Amiko Active

Amiko Active

For normal blood pressure

Recommended daily dose
2 capsules in the morning after meals

Contents of the box
1 bottle with 60 capsules, leaflet

Sara Tuncheva


  • Maintains normal blood pressure levels [1, 2] 
  • Improves cardiovascular function [1-3] 
  • Regulates cholesterol levels in blood 


Amiko Active formula contains unique active ingredients proven clinically to normalize blood pressure, lipid profile and improve cardiovascular function. 

Sudan Rose Extract: regulates blood pressure and optimizes lipid profile[1]    

Extract of Japanese Black Garlic: balances heart rate and cholesterol levels[2] 

Potassium: contributes to normal blood pressure and maintains electrolyte balance in the body[3] 

Hawthorn Extract: increases oxygen flow and improves coronary blood flow[4] 

Magnesium: contributes to heart rhythm normalization and reduces the feeling of fatigue[5] 

Vitamins B1 and B6: balance the nervous system and help form red blood cells[6] 

The product

RI – reference intakes
* Unestablished Reference Intakes

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